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Warren Elsken
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United States
I'm a two-thirds crazy guy who has some artistic outlets. I normally keep my journal here (So if you have any interest in watching someone go slowly insane, have at) and will periodically post something art wise. Else wise I like looking through good pictures and comics.
It's been a while since I wrote a journal, in some ways things have resolved themselves and in others they have not. If nothing else the foremost information that I can put up is that I'm registered for the Autumn quarter at Southeast Community College. My first quarter will consist of 9.5 Credit Hours and three classes. One is basically a "Welcome back, let's recap on the study methods you might've lost", the second one is an "Interpersonal Relations" class (part of the psych department) that the career councilor recommended to me. These first two are meant to be 'slough' classes, not the "I'll skip the entire time" sort but those that I don't have to do a LOT of work in but enough for me to get hold of old study skills and such. The final class is my main serious one, being Basic Medical Terminology. It's a 2CrHr class, has a number of practical things to use in, and I've enough people within the family or close to me that know enough med term that I should be able to get plenty of help for this. The main issues that I see with this is my financial situation in primary because I'm going to admit I'm poor as hell, partially because I've been sloppy with my money over the last year and a half or so, but also because I've had low income jobs. The second issue that I see is that my laptop died. Granted it was getting towards five years old, and only had a Intel CoreDuo processor with 3GB RAM, but it was still a Win7 computer. I am currently having to work off of my housemate's Vista piece. I have SOME money set aside for a new computer, but I'm looking at minimum requirements of at least an I3 or an A4, preferably without a touchscreen. We'll see what I can scrape up and what my out-of-state relatives are willing to toss my direction.

-EDIT- Was at work and looking through the computers that we were selling and had on sale. Found one that is really nice, and got it :D now all I need is my books and I'll be ready for school!

My issues with the person I mentioned in my past journal persist. There's a good chunk of me unsure as to where to start. At this point I've lost the grand majority of the trust that I have for her for a number of specific reasons. First, she'd said again and again that if I had an issue with her behavior that I just would have to mention it to her and it would stop. As mentioned in the past journal her response when I did have an issue was "You know I wouldn't do anything right". Second is the turn around and demanding yet more time from me when she has caused arguments about the same thing in the past. She knows that I consider hanging out to be more than she does, and chooses to ignore it. Third is the vehement response that she'd done nothing wrong and I was just doing this to hurt her feelings. I'm going to rebuke this by simply saying that by having to ask me if I was okay with the single bed was important to her, she knew on some level she was breaching trust. Fourth, since this has popped up she has continuously tried to put me in situations where I am cornered into saying what she wants and 'apologizing' to her for "being mean". At this point I'm done. I can't find myself able to trust her for a ride or food without some sort of conversation trying to wheedle an apology out of me. The last time I did give her a chance, at a friend's Requiem game, she waited till she was alone in the car with me to try and make me apologize for what is still my honest opinion of her. What irritates me even more is that she is still convinced that I'm a 'horrible person' for ignoring her feelings about the hotel situation. Every time she's talked at me about it she's gone on about how I am not considering her feelings in having issues with the bed situation. In my straight opinion she might've "apologized" to me about it, but her actions are saying she only did that as a placation, and with no understanding of what she did wrong. It's also interesting that what kicked this entire thing off was not that instance, but her demanding extra time with me when she'd spent excessive amounts of time with me. She's always going off that she's "never said something" when she disagrees with me, practically claiming eidetic memory. Yet we've had this argument several times before, which means with her "perfect memory for everything she's said" she'd know that it is stupid to do so, and extremely likely to piss me off. Granted this overall feeling of just being done with her is not a single thing, but a compounding of several situations, at the same time it's totaled up to just being done. At this point I'm losing someone who gives me a ride and a meal here and there, but at the same time I'm losing someone who causes a major social blowout on a semi-consistent basis over the same things again and again.

I'm gonna leave a slot free here because I'm not allowed to talk about something regarding work just yet, but I will once I won't lose my job over talking.
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